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Dear Parents,


The School was established in 2014 and follows C.B.S.E. / N.I.O.S,/ and State Curriculum.

The school aims in imparting quality education to boys and girls and to prepare them to face the challenges of the life and become good citizens of our country.

Intellectual, social, moral, emotional and cultural development of the child is our goal. All curricular and co-curricular activities are planned with these principles to develop a complete, integrated personality in the child. A special feature of our school is to work individually with each child in different sections, based on sound principles of educational psychology. These planned exercises help motivate, drill and reinforce concepts of learning in the minds of young children. Curricular and co-curricular activities are also designed with these ideas, to draw out the potential in each child.

Objectives & Philosophy

The main objective of the School is to foster values of life in the child’s training programmer at all levels, ensuring the promotion of rich Indian values. The School strives to be known for its excellence in teaching, by providing students with highest quality instruction, library and lab resources required for comprehensive learning and bringing out the hidden talents of the students. It also aims to direct the potential of the students and helps them realize their capabilities by presenting them numerous ---------opportunities in various fields. The School recognizes quest of knowledge, enlightenment and truth as the highest goals of life. All efforts are made to have the right mix of academies and extra-curricular----- activities, for a complete personality development. A comprehensive training package has been created to provide a thirst to the student’s physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and moral growth and development. Successful Completion of Decade

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that AES has successfully completed a decade in 2019-20. We would not have achieved this without the support of the whole hearted teachers, students and the parents who have played a major role in making this institution an esteemed one. We gratefully acknowledge their support in enabling this Institution to achieve excellence and hope to receive the same in all our future endeavors.

The “ARQAM ENGLISH SCHOOL” and faculty join me in welcoming you to the AES family as we start the new academic year 2020-2021. Insha’Allah, this year will be full of academic achievements and character development for all our children. Our primary goal for this academic year is to ensure a real Islamic environment for each child, which is safe and conducive to his/her academic and character development.

Providing quality educations, which is full of Taleem, Tarbiah, Adaab, and Akhlaq, is indeed a real challenge. I ask Allah (SWT) to help us all accomplish the objectives we have set for this year. I am sure that with the grace of Allah (SWT), parental support, and the help of the community we will Insha’Allah be able to face the challenges, and will achieve our goals.

I assure you that AES administration and faculty will make every possible effort to ensure your child's educational needs are well taken care of, and Alhamdu Lillah,, our school is blessed to have qualified professional educators ready to teach your child, and make his/her educational journey successful.

In order to provide quality education and maintain an environment that is conducive to learning, AES sets high academic, character and behavior standards. True success comes if policies and rules are properly enforced and the students and the parents wholeheartedly adhere to the policies and procedures. For this purpose, the school has prepared a special Handbook to provide you with a complete understanding of the mission, philosophy, policies, and procedures of AES for the academic year 2020-2021. It is also a means of communication between the school and the parents. Please read it carefully, discuss its contents with your child for better understanding, and keep it available. We hope you will communicate with your child and his or her teacher about study habits and homework, and ensure that your child arrives at school ready to learn every day.

If you have any questions, the staff at AES and I will be more than happy to assist you. JazakumuAllahu Khairan wa ahsanal jazao fiddarain, for entrusting your child to us, looking forward to a successful year at AES, insha’Allah,

Mohammad Mahboob Alam


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The ARQAM ENGLISH SCHOOL, Mumbai, has English as the medium of instruction, with Arabic as a compulsory language.