School Uniform

Nursery to VIIIth Boys Girls
Monday To Thursday Green T- Shirt , Green Pant , Cape Green Kameez, Green shalwar, Scarf
Friday to Saturday White T- Shirt , Blue Pant ,Cape White Kameez , Blue Shalwar, Scarf

Please don’t take delivery of the uniform without a physical trial and if there are any corrections then take a second physical trial until the uniform is perfectly stitched as per the school specifications and guidelines.

If the uniform is being stitched by some other tailor beside recommended tailor by the school, the sample of the school uniform can be collected from the office for 2 days only keeping a refundable deposit.

It is the responsibility of parents to see to it that the school uniform is stitched as per the above specification. Even if they are stitched with our recommended tailor, they have to particularly take care of point no. 2 to 5.

Please ensure that your child has three sets of school uniforms and that he/she wears a clean and ironed uniform every day.

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The ARQAM ENGLISH SCHOOL, Mumbai, has English as the medium of instruction, with Arabic as a compulsory language.